Mirror Mirror

April 5, 2007

Personality pieces from Nisha Abraham

Trendylicious will be off tomorrow for Good Friday. We’ll be back Monday April 9th.

You don’t need talking mirrors to assure you of your hot quotient. And your quirky personality puts Madonna to shame. Don’t you want to share your one-of-a-kind-ness with the world?

Nisha Abraham painted tees

Wear your self on your sleeve with exquisite, personalised hand-painted tees from Nisha Abraham. She captures your likeness, as well as the whimsical ingredients that make you YOU.

Our Trendy Fashionista was caught in a cool party moment, her bling earrings sparkling, and her ever-present glass of bubbly lifted in anticipation of a fabulous night. And, of course, not a hair out of place.

Give Nisha a photograph and a fun description of your friend, and she’ll create a customised gift.

She uses fabric paint, sequins and other kitschy material to re-create faces on tees, handbags, cushions, gift bags and even walls. These one-off pieces combine mythological comic book-inspired drawings with funkalicious contemporary styling. And they look just like you.

Go on. Give ‘em a double dose of your charm.

Contact Nisha at nishachachie@hotmail.com and www.redniche.net. Nisha’s based in Bangalore, and couriers to Delhi and Mumbai.
Price: Rs. 600 for tees, Rs. 800 for tees with sequins or embellishment, and Rs. 600-800 for bags.

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