Give and Let Live

September 10, 2007

New online gifting site

You’re a natural when it comes to choosing the perfect gift. You don’t have to be told, you just know. But even you get stumped sometimes.

Next time you feel flustered around that special guy’s birthday, junk that aftershave. And those books, DVDs and coffee mugs. Just log on to brand new gifting site,, and gift him a unique experience.

You can choose from a huge array: a spa treat, a dream date complete with a stretch limo, a balloon ride, a Bollywood bash (they’ll organise a visit to the studio and editing suites), wine tasting, fine dining. Not exciting enough? How about a ride on a Formula 1 car or combat plane? Or a 12-day trip to Antarctica?

Register and buy your gift online or call customer care. Expect a smart ‘experience voucher pack’ with a customised message and details within five days.

The best part? If your giftee is a hard-to-please tough cookie, he or she can swap the experience for another, more appealing one.

Beats exchanging shirts, any day.; Tel: 011-4256-7000. Price: Rs 1,000 onwards; validity of most gifts is from 3 to 9 months; pay by credit card, cash or cheque.

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