Blooming Wonderful

September 2, 2008

Bageecha's innovative bouquets

The Bageecha florists have been servicing Mumbai’s elite for 28 years now. But owner, floristry major Sonal Shah, working from her family home along the tony Nepean Sea Road, knows better than to rest on her laurels. She’s constantly innovating and the stunning wreaths, enchanting posies, haughty blue orchids (like the ones Priyanka Chopra’s character in the film God Tussi Great Ho just adores) and green anthuriums that preen in refrigerated climes in her flower shop are a labour of her love.

Bageecha Florist

What I’m excited about today, though, is Sonal’s latest range of arrangements. She’s let her imagination run riot and the result is simply phenomenal. Now, I just know that each time I place an order, I can totally expect the unexpected. When I visit the flower shop, my eye catches a profusion of green anthuriums offset by fiery birds-of-paradise. It moves on to flaming helicons swooping down to kiss the bottom of tall milky vases containing pebbles and water. And is entranced by clever configurations of mammoth sunflowers with cheerful carnations, ginger lilies and pure white lotuses artfully complemented with stalks of green and mint foliage.

But it’s a splash of bubblegum pink wild berries huddled together with purple and white Himalayan orchids and tiny pineapples (especially locally harvested for Bageecha), nestling with oriental liliums, that completely takes my breath away.

If blossoms got more glam than this, they’d have to have their own beauty pageant!

Bageecha: Motilal Mansion, 17 Napean Sea Road, Mumbai; Tel: 23677008; Prices: Start at Rs 500.

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