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September 11, 2008

Online pet boutique

New store? I’m there even before the inaugural ribbon’s taken off. Latest collection? My shopper sense is honed to perfection to sniff out all the exclusive previews. It doesn’t matter what’s being sold — I usually want two of it in different colours!

And certain individuals in my life — my mum, my BFF, my BF and my FF (furry friend) — are usually at the receiving end of my post-shopping gifting sprees. And if you thought buying stuff for your dad or BF was difficult, just imagine how hard it is to find goodies for Vera and Wang, my two darling adopted strays.

But very recently, I found something that’s changed all that. A new online pet boutique,, is for dogs what a Bungalow 8 or Ensemble is for me, disconcerting images of puppies balanced on martini glasses notwithstanding. The site specialises in the slightly OTT buys (I loved their bling Swarovski collars) to the seriously outrageous (fur-friendly birthday cakes for pets). You’re all set if Tinkerbell just has to have that bow tie in red. And the matching bandanna, glitzy party collar, charm pendant and black armoire to store it away in. The most adorable doggie shoes and beds and custom furniture, they make great, woof-eliciting gifts. Then there are cakes to order (delivered only in Delhi) with bone-shaped muffins for the owners to munch on and professional photographers to make sure your pooch strikes the right pose in his latest new cravat.

For a pet enthusiast like me, it’s like stumbling on to some stylish manna for my four-legged beloved. In fact, the merchandise is so completely scrumptious that I’m surprised the site hasn’t posted the FAQ: Do you have that puppy T-shirt in a small (human) size? Not yet, at least.

But if, like me, you’re just like Becky Bloomwood in the Shopaholic series, you’ll go click happy with this one. Prices: dog toys: Rs 250, shoes: Rs 600, pet clothing: Rs 400-1000, accessories: Rs 200-700.

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