Treasures in My Attic

September 16, 2008

A new lifestyle store opens

The tornado-like ride in the rickshaw through a labyrinthine of Santacruz bylanes was unsettling. Nestled in a quiet residential neighbourhood, it would be easy to miss the store were it not for the arresting shop sign — an arabesque explosion in black and white. But the ultimate destination – the newly opened Attic – was worth the trip with its eclectic range of lifestyle products, fashion, accessories and furniture accents.


Once inside, the flood of natural light bouncing off the white walls calmed me but, at the same time, the colourful and organised array of products balanced against them made me want to gather the whole lot in my arms and make a run for it.

Canvas shoes (the ones we used to reluctantly lace up during school PE) have turned into psychedelic works of art you’d be loath to take out on the road. Likewise, their comic print inspired canvas jholas softened the toughened leather lover in me. I found myself picking one for each day of the week. And dresses hung underneath minimally framed graphic prints (I was particularly attracted to a red Rorschach-inkblot test look-a-like). At first glance, ho-hum. But riffling through, I discovered not just some new designers, but some beautiful cotton-printed/embroidered baby-doll cuts and tunics. If nothing, their names were enough to send my obsession for funky design in a tizzy — Playclan, Half full, Sweet Pea (they have a range of clothes for kids as well), Soda, and Him, Her and the Apple. The owners are designers too, thus the respect paid to everything funky in the name of art.

There are giant cups that you can rest your bottom on, pillow covers decorated with panels from a board game, large alphabets for multiple uses (I picked them as book-ends), all spilling out of iron trunks violently coloured in whites and neons.

If only my grandma’s attic were this cool! I’d have saved a fortune.

Attic: Bir Sagar, 396/20, Flat no 1, End of 17th Road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai; Tel: 32169292; Website: Prices: Hand-painted trinket and tissue boxes: Rs 850, monogram alphabets: Rs 540, framed printed artwork: Rs 1,450.

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