Queen of Green

November 25, 2008

HaraBara Lite's eco-friendly weekend

I signed on the dotted line for Greenpeace. And recruited many members for my ’saving the planet’ cause on Facebook. But sometimes, I wonder whether I couldn’t do more to be a green citizen.

HaraBara Lite

That’s how I chanced upon HaraBara Lite, a group of young people who know the importance of raising our eco-consciousness and have some super info on small ways to change the way we eat, travel, shop and work which can have a HUGE impact on the earth’s future.

And I found that instead of sitting around and discussing what must be done like so many talking heads, these guys are peppy and proactive in their approach and actually DO stuff. That’s why their plans for the coming weekend are all about getting right down to it.

I’m oh-so ready for this HaraBara Lite Green Weekend that’s going to have a host of hands-on activities guaranteed to bring city slickers like you and me closer to nature. Everything, from rice farming and chikoo plucking to making our own solar power LED lights and meetings with artisans from the Warli tribe. I’m sure that doing all this will lead to lots of discussions and a deeper understanding of environmental issues. But what a fabulously fun way of getting the point across!

All this on a Dahanu farm that’s been developed eco-sensitively. Flanked by a scenic river that I’m told is safe to swim in, the Tamarind Tree has four large cottages run on solar energy, as well as a dormitory and tents. Attached loos and showers ensure that I’ll be comfortable even as I commune with Mother Nature.

Aren’t you turning green with envy already?

HaraBara Lite weekend in Dahanu on November 29-30. Registration extended to today just for Trendylicious subscribers! To register, call Salma Ben Mahmoud on +919769934813 or e-mail: salma.bm@harabara.com; Website: www.harabaralite.com.
For more details about the accommodation at Tamarind Tree, call Michelle Chawla on +919860030888 or e-mail: michelle@tamarindtree.org; Website: www.tamarindtree.org.
Cost: Rs 5,000 for professionals and Rs 2,300 for students, AIESECers and AIESEC trainees, inclusive of travel to and from Mumbai by private bus, all meals, accommodation, material for the workshops and lectures.

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