Yes, You Can Eat Just One

February 17, 2009

Rujuta Diwekar's new 'wellness guide'

The difference between a Trendy girl and the rest? A Trendy girl’s comfortable in her own skin. No size zeroes for me, thank you. But with all the hoopla surrounding the new book by Rujuta Diwekar (the trainer whom Kareena Kapoor can’t do without, ya!), I decided to read between the lines.

Don't Lose Your Mind

In Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight, Diwekar (who has also trained Saif, Karisma, Sonali Bendre and Anil Ambani) shares her mantras: no South Beach, no Atkins, no detox, eat all you want as long as you plan right and ‘train your stomach’!

Train my tummy? Apparently I can shrink my stomach by feeding it smaller quantities of good stuff (peanuts, almonds, cashewnuts — in moderation, and lots and lots of fruits!) on time.

I zipped through the book, written in anecdotal style and peppered with Bambaiyya lingo, and found that Diwekar’s wisdom matched my grandmum’s: savour what you eat, reduce your portion size, and eat on time.

And these are her four principles of eating right:

* Never wake up to tea or coffee

* Eat every two hours (Apparently Bebo does this — she starts off the day with fruit and then has mini meals between lunch and dinner! What does for a mini meal? Peanuts, dry fruits, an idli with chutney, a cucumber, a carrot, and so on.)

* Eat more when you’re more active and less when you’re less active

* Have your last meal two hours before hitting the bed

Not exactly rocket science, is it? I’m not so sure though of getting up to a plate of fruit instead of my morning cuppa. Nah!

But what I really liked about Diwekar’s philosophy was this: Don’t deny yourself. Eat within limits. If you like pakoras, eat ‘em, go for that paneer paratha if you want, and if chocolate pastry’s your thing, indulge. Mmm, I’m so loving it!

Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight, by Rujuta Diwekar, Random House India, Rs 199.

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