Pink Fizz

February 24, 2009

The Bubblegum Mafia hits Bootleggers

The thing I like best about clubbing in the city is that I can just blend in with the babepack and have a riotously good time without anyone playing spoilsport. I think it’s important that I still go out and paint the city pink so that women all over India can follow my example.

Maati Teracotta exhibits

Since I’m taking my fun so seriously, I thought I’d do a bit of homework on tonight’s special at Bootleggers. I know I went there the last Tuesday to catch a bit of the excellent stand up comedy act I told you about. But I’m thinking that after tonight, I’m going to be seeing you at the same place, same time, week after week. They’re kicking off Bubblegum Mafia nights every Tuesday, especially created for women of the world like us.

Like Carrie Bradshaw and all her Sex and the City friends, we can have a girls’ night out and start the revels with some slurpilicious Cosmopolitans. They’re on the house, presumably to go with the house music on tap. Then we’ll go for a mite of mysticism and some girly giggles over forecasts by tarot reader Pooja Sharma. And can a babe bash ever be complete without some super shopping opportunities? Luckily, there are some very exciting things to put into my hip, new XL-bag. Flip-flops in funky fuchsia from Flats. Custom-made bangles to match my new slippers. Aromatic soap in cutesie shapes from Soap Opera. Zany zombie-print tees from Potato Zombie. And although I’m not so sure about bra-fitting sessions in a pub, that’s exactly what Lace — the Lingerie Club has organised for the ladies who live it up.

No prizes for guessing where the bubblegum mafia will pop up next!

Bubblegum Mafia Night on Feb 24, 9.30pm onwards at Bootleggers, Shop No.3, Pipewala Bldg, Street no 58/70, 4th Pasta Lane, Colaba, Mumbai; Tel: 22020455; Entry free.

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