Balle Balle Babes

March 19, 2009

Narinder Dhami's new tween series

I may be all grown up, but show me a school girl tale and I get all misty-eyed. And off I go on a wild Google chase tracking down my old school gal pals, reliving the glorious, giggly days of girlhood. So, of course, I broke into a brisk bhangra when I chanced upon the all-new four-part ‘Babes’ series at my neighbourhood bookstore.

Bollywood Babes

Narinder (she wrote the popular novelisation of ‘Bend it like Beckham’) Dhami’s fun-filled tales of the irrepressible Dhillon sisters, the most trendy and sorted desi girls in Coppergate School tell of the life and crazy times of Geena, Jazz and Amber. The supporting cast includes their mild-as-a-mouse dad, a formidable young Auntie who has perfected the art of interfering in their lives, their insufferable Cousin Baby and her dishy boyfriend, Amber’s dweebish swain George Botley who suddenly goes handsome on them, and sundry other goras and desis in the melting pot that is multi-culti Britain. And, of course, how could I forget the impossible Molly Mahal, a down-and-out Bollywood diva who gets a new lease of celebrity-giri.

The series begins with the arrival of the Auntie From Hell after the sad demise of the girls’ mum. Used as they are to ruling the roost and their hapless dad, the girls plot and plan ways to get rid of Auntie. Between playing Cupid and raising funds for the cash- strapped Coppergate School, our heroines tangle with Bollywood and display a business acumen that would put an Ambani to shame. The series ends with the girls staging their own home-grown version of the popular reality show ‘Who’s In the House?’ to raise money for the Coppergate library which they want named after their mum.

Ludhiana or London, you just can’t keep a soni kudi down.

Bindi Babes, Bollywood Babes, Bhangra Babes, Superstar Babes, by Narinder Dhami, Random House, Rs 150. Available at all book stores. Click here for their Facebook group. .

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