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Archives : Mumbai

Trendy Update | 10 Mar 09

More Deals, New Schedule

The World in Our Backpack | 5 Mar 09

International Women’s Day travel specials

Kitchen Sosegade |

The Goa Portuguesa Cookbook

A Gourmet’s Buffet | 3 Mar 09

Culinary bliss at Global Fusion in Bandra

Trendy Deals: Good for the Soul |

Free gift boxes from Earthy Goods for Trendy readers!

Remembering | 26 Feb 09

The arts pay their respects to 26/11 victims

A Spring in My Step |

Timeless romantic perfumes

Pink Fizz | 24 Feb 09

The Bubblegum Mafia hits Bootleggers

In the Mood for Love |

‘My Kind of Girl’ by Buddhadeva Bose

Getting Metta-Physical | 19 Feb 09

Bandra’s new reflexology hub with a heart

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