Facial For The Feet

October 26, 2009

Freespirit orchid foot facial at Lakme Salon

After all that traipsing along shops buying Diwali goodies and what not, a girl needs her dose of TLC, especially her poor little peds. The soles of my feet have been crying for mercy post all that hard work, and I decided that it was time I treated my feet to a really nice pedicure

Lakme Foot Spa

And a simple pedicure it must not be — more than just cleaning the toenails. I needed one of the new Freespirit Orchid Foot Facials that Lakme Salon came out with a few months ago. It is not your run-of-the-mill pedicure but a foot treatment involving steps just like in a facial — cleansing, scrub, massage, mask et al targeting problems like pigmentation, aging skin, and dehydration.

So off I went to the nearest Lakme Salon seeking solace for my soles. It was not really the first time that I was entering a Lakme Salon, so there was a sense of familiarity. The same beige and purple decor and a smiling receptionist, who ensured I got what I had come for, a foot facial. Seeing the condition of my feet she suggested I try the soothing Freespirit Orchid Foot Facial — a treatment that complements the Freespirit Orchid Facial. This particular treatment with floral extracts and essential oils soften, and hydrate dry parched skin. I needed that dose of moisturiser.

As I sat at the pedicure station, my tired feet were soaked in cool water with rose petals in them. The pedicurist first cleaned, filed, and buffed my nails and heels like in any pedicure. Then came the actual foot facial as a lovely floral foot scrub was massaged on my feet and calves to exfoliate dead skin cells, and prep the skin. Post scrub was the soothing massage using dollops of cream with orchid extracts. The skin on my legs and feet was toned using an orchid foot mask that also had a cooling effect on my dehydrated skin. After moisturisation with a light lotion, my nails were prettified with a lovely shell pink polish.

No more Diwali-shopping damage! My feet gloried in their new look for weeks.

Available at all Lakme Salons Across The Country. For locations, check www.lakmeindia.com. Price: Rs 425 for foot facial.

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